What is organic farming?

It is a food production method, which supports and improves the natural health and fertility of soil, environment and the community.

 ecological, biological, organic

Its emphasis is on ecology, biodiversity and the seasons of the year. It allows farming practice to develop without artificial additives or pollutants, chemical fertilisers, pesticides or genetically modified products.

Organic farming works in harmony with local tradition, innovation and science to ultimately benefit nature and promote a healthy and natural product.


Urkizahar Ecological Txakoli is a micro-vineyard. The objective is to revive one of Gipuzkoa’s ancient farming techniques while protecting and working in tandem with the local ecosystem.

The vineyard is located in the beautiful village of Beizama and covers an area of 2,5 Has. It is divided into two parts at altitudes of between 350m and 450m, facing south and overhanging the dam of "Ibai-eder".

Among the vineyard that have the “Getariako Txakolina” P.D. of O., ours is at the highest altitude.

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